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вс, 28 апр.


Psychological Workspace "Authenticity"

Constellation group session "My Well-being"

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Constellation group session "My Well-being"
Constellation group session "My Well-being"

Время и место

28 апр. 2019 г., 12:00 – 16:00

Psychological Workspace "Authenticity", Luzernestraat 19, 2153 GM Nieuw-Vennep, Нидерланды

О событии

Dear Friends, I am glad to introduce you to the method of “Family and systemic constellations” which is relatively new, but which is becoming more and more requested due to the effectiveness, great results and possibility even while one session let insights, transformations and healing reveal.

If you ask questions over your life, its meaning and sense..

If you find yourself in emotional states (depression, phobias, addictions etc) which you can hardly deal with..

If you see certain patterns, which form your life..

If there are unwanted situations which continuously repeat itself.

If there are issues in any aspect of your life which you can not resolve for a long time -

You are welcome to take part in constellation group where each of the participant will have the opportunity to work with his/her case, get in contact with inner self, get to the core of the problem, see the reasons why its there and to take steps for bettering, improvement and finding a solution.

During constellation group session while working with the case each participant will get:

1. diagnostics

2. transformation

3. healing

4. search and modelling of new ways, states, meanings

5. solution

On Constellation group sessions you are invited into space where is safe to be who you are and the atmosphere where you can share the things which are important to you (whatever it might be)

The only condition - a huge wish to work on yourself and a will to change your life for better.

Please note!

By registering on event you accept following rules

- Confidentiality: all private details, stories and names can not be mentioned elsewhere unless you got the permission from the person you want to talk about

- Personal responsibility: announce psychiatrical diagnosis, suicidal behaviour and active usage of heavy chemical substance if it has place to be

- Self-preservation: YOU choose the depth, capacity and amount of steps you want to have in yr session; on any stage of the session you are empowered to stop or pause it, if its sufficient for you or you need time to elaborate

Address: Luzernestraat 19, 2153 GM Nieuw-Vennep, Nederland

Date/time: 28.04 from 12.00 to 16.00

Price: 75€

Please register by sending a personal message here or you can reach me by phone +3 16 11 48 47 13

See you soon!


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